Vykort från ett tågfönster #1

Girl: (softly): Hi.
Corso: (pauses to look at her, unable to make up his mind) I've seen you before, haven't I?
Girl: Have you?
Corso: Yes, somewhere.

A brief silence.

Girl: Are you traveling in this car?
Corso: The next one.
Girl: The sleeper. (smiles) I travel on the cheap.
Corso: Are you a student?
Girl: Something like that. (looks out the window again) I like trains.
Corso: Me too. What's your name?
Girl: Guess.
Corso: (shrugs, smiles): Greeneyes.
Girl: That'll do. What's yours?
Corso: Corso.
Girl: Strange name.
Corso: Italian. it means I run.
Girl: You don't look like a runner to me - more the quiet type.

They look at each other's reflections once more. Corso nods.

Corso: Well, have a good trip.
Girl: And you.

Corso walks on down the corridor. There's something weird about this chance encounter, but he can't figure out what.

Girl: See you around, maybe.
Corso: (pauses and looks back. He nods) Maybe.


Ur filmen The Ninth Gate. Tågscenen mellan Johnny Depp och Emmanuelle Seigner. 



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